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Greek rescue pup dogged by trouble

A COUPLE who rescued a stray puppy whilst on holiday in Greece and brought it home to England have been forced to find it a new home, because their own dogs wouldn’t accept the newcomer.

Robert and Shelley Edwards were on holiday on the Greek island of Kos and befriended the puppy, which they found scavenging for scraps of food by their hotel. The dog was infested with ticks and fleas and was severely dehydrated.

After a battle with the authorities on the island, involving 98 telephone calls, the couple successfully brought the puppy – now christened ‘Koz’ back to the UK, spending over £3,500 in kennels, vets’ fees, flights and quarantine.

As soon as Koz had completed his six months in quarantine, the Edwards brought him home to their house in Brislington, Bristol. However, after a week, the couple reluctantly decided to find him another home because their existing two Border Collies were making the little crossbreeds’ life miserable.

"It’s heartbreaking," said Mrs Edwards, 25. "Our two dogs wouldn’t accept him. They got into a fight, Robert tried to separate them and one of them snapped at him and he ended up in casualty with a wound on the back of his hand.

"It’s not fair on them or Koz to keep them all. We’ve spent a lot of money on Koz, but we don’t regret it. We’ve rescued a lovely little puppy."

Her husband Robert, 31, added: "We achieved what we wanted in getting him out of Greece where he would have been left to die."

Earlier this week Koz was rehomed to a new owner in Devon and seems to have settled down happily.