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The Waterloo Cup now goes global!

Which country is famous for Sun, Sea and Sardines? Portugal. But did you know that Greyhound coursing is thriving there? Jose Romao who owns Spital Glory (Cillowen Glory/Mongos Fortuna) has had his dream come true to run in this year's Waterloo Cup.

Betty Judge who is a coursing enthusiast and dog show judge, visited a Portuguese dog show to see and hopefully import a Podengo - a miniature sighthound. After talking to the ring judge, one Jose Romao, Betty discovered that his other passion was coursing greyhounds. Jose said it was his ambition to run a dog in the Waterloo Cup.

Six months later (the Waterloo wheels turn very slowly!) The committee studied the form of his dog (semi-finalist in two Irish trial stakes and winner of the prestigious Marqesa De Mendia Cup in Portugal) and decided to let Spital Glory run in the Waterloo.

Jose will travel some 2800 km taking four days to reach Great Altcar. The paperwork needed includes registration and pet passport documents with the relevant vet certificates.

If that's not enough Spital Glory needs to raise six flags to win the Waterloo Cup.
The Waterloo Cup will be run at Great Altcar, Lancs. on February 25/26/27th.