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Insurance levy at Green Star shows

SOARING INSURANCE premiums have led to the Irish kennel Club to impose a levy on each exhibitor at every ‘Green Star’ show run under the auspices of the Irish Kennel Club.

Despite the IKC’s excellent claims record, their insurance premiums have – along with those of many other organisations around the world – rocketed in the wake o the terrorist attacks of 9/11. And in a ‘double whammy’, the club’s insurers have set an excess of €6,500 (approx. £5,000) on any claim.

This presents a serious threat to the financial stability of the IKC should there be even a small number of claims, so the decision was taken to impose a levy of one euro per exhibitor at all IKC shows where Green Stars are on offer with effect from January 1st 2003 in order to build up an ‘insurance fund’ to be utilised in the event of a claim.

The IKC is careful to point out, however, that the levy is fixed at 1€, per exhibitor, per show, irrespective of how many dogs they may enter at that given show.

Wendy Jackson, Public Relations Officer for the IKC told OUR DOGS: "We regret that we’ve had to impose a levy, but ours is not the only organisation to have suffered form increased insurance premiums and higher excesses in the months following 9/11. Basically, the insurance industry is fearful of being landed with huge claims.

"This is the only decision we could take which would enable us to build up sufficient funds to face any possible claim. The IKC is leaving it to each individual club or society to implement the levy in whichever way they see fit, although I suspect this will be incorporated into entry fees."

The St Patrick’s Day Show will not be subject to a levy, as entries have already been received for this event, but it is understood that the show will be included in the levy in the same way as other shows in the future.

Mrs Jackson added: "I might point out that exhibitors from the UK will actually do quite well as regards the levy, as the charge of 1€ is negligible at the sterling to euro exchange rate."

The current exchange rate is 65 pence to one €