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Dorset Top Dog Competition

Judge Bill Brown-Cole with Dorset Top Dog is handler Mrs B Petty.

THE HOTEL Rembrant, Weymouth recently saw the top winning dogs from Dorset take part in the twelfth Dorset Top Dog Competition.

There were three categories Top Puppy, Top Veteran and Top Dog, all judged by the well known Terrier man Mr Bill Browne-Cole. The event was hosted by Poole Canine Club sponsored by Bournemouth Canine Association, supported by Dorwest Herbs and Miss M Bogan, and organised by Mrs Ann Markesky.

The competitions were held on a knock out system and first to be judged were the puppies, ten were present and after four rounds Mr Bill Brown-Cole found his winner in a Cocker Spaniel Moonwind May Be A Star at Sweetways owned by Mr & Mrs Donald with an Australian Terrier Wyeafon Pentewyn owned by the mother and daughter partnership Mrs & Miss Snook.

The veterans then stepped into the ring, but as there were only three, these were judged as a class and nine year old Australian Terrier Ch Pitcombe Teddy’s Boy owned, yes, you’ve guessed it by the Snook ladies was declared the winner.

Now it was the turn of the handlers to show off their skills, Mr Browne-Cole sat back and Mrs June Rotchell took centre stage. Juniors came first and Sadie Johnson demonstrated just how skillful she is at handling her charge. Next came the adults, Mrs Rotchell put them through their paces and after some deliberation declared Lynn Etches the winner. The two ladies then battled it our for best overall handler 2002 and once again Sadie came through.

After these competitions it was time for dinner. Once this was completed, the most important part of the evening commenced, Mr Browne-Cole once again stepped into the arena and twenty seven dogs were presented for him to assess, five rounds later Dorset Top Dog 2002 was chosen in the shape of the American Cocker Spaniel.

Sh Ch/Am Ch Pickaboo’s Pick Pocket at Sundust, owned by Mrs Yvonne Weijland-Knapper and handled by Mrs B Petty, with the reserve spot going to Ch Siouxline Joshua owned by Mrs Sue Ergis.

Mrs Markesky presented the judges with a gift in appreciation of their hard work, and thanked everyone for turning out on such a dreadful night, slowly people and dogs drifted away to leave the Hotel Rembrant to resume normal service until the same time next year.

Muriel Prince