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Dear All

For those of you that do not know already, I will be leaving the Kennel Club
at the beginning of April this year to start an adventure of a lifetime.

On 17 April 2003, my friend Máire Hanley and I will leave the UK to embark
on an epic 6 1/2 month trek along 4000 kms of the Great Wall of China with
the aim of raising over £1 million for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. This
expedition will be the longest, first ever all female trek along the Great
Wall and we are actively recruiting women NOW to join us on the expedition.

Every woman that takes part will be making history as well as a difference
to breast cancer research!

We are inviting like-minded women to join us on one of 22 different 10-15
day expeditions along the Great Wall and be part of this world-first event
whilst raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. A number of female
celebrities have already expressed an interest in joining us along the route

- one of whom is Josie Lawrence, the actress, who has committed to join the
expedition for 3 months.

Each woman taking part will be asked to raise a minimum of £2650 in
sponsorship for Breakthrough Breast Cancer's vital programme of research.

Breast cancer is the No 1 health concern for women in the UK and it affects
over 39,000 women every year and claims the lives of over 1,000 women each

In addition to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, we have also teamed up with Plan
International UK and Roots & Shoots, China (the Jane Goodall Institute - to ensure that our expedition benefits the local
communities in China. Charity Challenge, the administrators of the Women's
Great Walk of China, will donate $50US per participant to these Chinese
community projects.

The Women's Great Walk of China will be truly inspirational - both for the
women who participate and those that the charities help with the money they
receive from the expedition.

As you can imagine, we are all very excited about this adventure and are
thrilled by the way it has already been received both by the woman wanting
to participate in this life-changing adventure and by the media. We are also
discussing the possibility of making a documentary of the expedition with a
number of television production companies.

The Women's Great Walk of China has set an ambitious target to raise in
excess of £1 million for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The more women that
participate in this expedition, the more likely we are to achieve our goal
and we need your help to achieve this. There are a number of ways you could help:

By circulating a copy of this email to all your friends, family, business colleagues and contacts.
By downloading copies of the poster and displaying it in your place of work,
gym, local health store etc.

There are a number of corporate sponsorship opportunities available for this
event (both for financial sponsorship and sponsorship in kind eg vehicles,
tents, clothing, equipment etc). Would your organisation be interested in
sponsoring the Women's Great Walk of China? I would be delighted to send you
a copy of our sponsorship proposal if this is something that might appeal to
your organisation.

I have taken the liberty of attaching a copy of my sponsorship form in the
hope that you or your organisation would like to sponsor me for this expedition.
If any of you would rather make a payment directly into the Women's Great
Walk of China bank account please let me know and I will forward the details to you.

JOIN THE EXPEDITION (sorry gentlemen, ladies only!)
Obviously, we would be delighted if you could join us for one of the 22
different 10-15 day expeditions. You could join as an individual, with a
group of friends or family members or even with your work colleagues (maybe
your company might be interested in sending a group of you off as part of a
team building exercise ... who knows, they might even pay for you!).
It's not too late to get in shape for the expedition and women wanting to
take part can choose a terrain to suit their level of fitness.

Finally, if you could include the following in your email auto-signature, it
would be very much appreciated:

Join the longest, first ever all female trek along the Great Wall of China.
Visit for details

Rest assured the website will be regularly updated so that you can keep track of our progress.
Finally, should you have any questions regarding the expedition, please do
not hesitate to ask.
In the meantime, thank you very much for any help and support you are able
to give the Women's Great Walk of China.

Kind regards and Happy New Year!


Product Licensing & Creative Manager, The Kennel Club
Direct Tel: 020 7518 1066 / Fax: 020 7518 1050

Join the longest, first ever all female trek along the Great Wall of China.
Visit for details.