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Ann Gray (Kindu Basenjis)

Ann Gray was born in Beeston, England in 1943 and emigrated to Australia with her parents at the age of six and grew up in a small town in South Australia where she developed her love for dogs and horses. Her two children Bronwyn and Christopher were born there and in 1974 the family moved to Pudsey for a two year working holiday that stretched to almost 30 years!

Her love of Basenjis stemmed from watching that famous film "Goodbye My Lady" which seemed to get most of us hooked around that time. She had her first Basenji in 1960 - a tricolour from John Eachus' Basbox kennel. His name was Basbox Romulus (Ch Benedick of Littlebreach x Camelia of Basenlake). Her 2nd Basenji was Acelee Bronze Idol (Ch Abadan Kamili Binamark x Ch Myamba Mystic Idol).. These original dogs of course went back to the Congo kennel so Ann knew what the originals looked like and when she came to England and eventually started breeding she wanted to keep that look. She came back to England with her family and the Basenji (Lee) in 1974 that died at the early age of seven years. Lee got out of the garden when she was in season, got "caught" and consequently was taken to the vet for "the" injection but unfortunately contracted pyometra and died. Ann was so distraught that she did not think about getting another Basenji for years after that. She had a Rhodesian Ridgeback "Jorge" and a Pharaoh Hound "Tura" when her children once again saw the Basenjis at a dog show and persuaded her to get another one.

Nice stock

She bought a bitch - Bokoto Nile Firefly - from John and myself in 1986 and had two litters from her. She was in partnership at that time with Peter and Anita Broadbent and they shared the kennel name "Kindu". Years later the partnership split up and the name became hers solely. She had further litters and her association with the Bredand kennel produced some nice sound stock. The correct breeding of Basenjis meant a great deal to Ann and if there were a conflict between winning prizes and doing the right thing for the long-term interest of the breed, then she would unhesitatingly choose the latter. She was also generous with her time even though she had a full time job, looking after the older members of her family.

She became a committee member on the Northern Basenji Club in the late 80s - early 90s and was the Cup Steward until her untimely death on 4th December 2002. She was a respected and valuable member of the committee, working exceptionally hard for the Club that had gone through a few rough times and was completely loyal to its Secretary and her fellow committee members. She had a bit of a fiery temper but a terrific sense of humour and although surprisingly shy, she would not be afraid of letting her views be known especially if it affected her beloved breed.

As a token of their respect the committee members have decided to set up the "Ann Gray Memorial Fund" - details of how it is to be run will be discussed at the next NBS meeting. She will be greatly missed not only by her children to whom she was completely devoted but also by the many Basenji folk that she came in contact with. One who really loved the Basenji breed totally for its own sake.

She left five Basenjis who are in need of good, loving pet homes where they can spend their last remaining years. If anyone can give some of these Basenjis a home, please contact either myself or the Secretary of the NBS.

God Bless you Ann and thank you for the memories we can all share of you.

Irene Horner, Bokoto

Mrs Kay Baldwin

It is with sadness that we report the death of Kay Baldwin of Vailotest Cockers, for many years Secretary and then Chairman of London Cocker Spaniel Society. The funeral is to take place at Kensal Green Crematorium on Thursday 9 January at 1.30pm. No flowers by request but donations can be made to NCDL or Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Further details can be obtained from Funeral Directors J H Kenyon 020 7229 3810.

Jennifer Lloyd-Carey,
Chairman, LCSS

Dr Nancy Laughton

DR Nancy Laughton died on Christmas Day. She had been in failing health for quite a while and would have been 96 on the 26th Jan 03. The funeral will be for immediate family only.
An appreciation of her life will follow.

Denise Jury