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Toxic in Grapes and Raisins - Warning!!

A letter from Kurt and Marg Sauter, Canada.

Would you please be so kind and pass this information on to all your dog friends...

I am a breeder of Entlebuchers (the smallest of the Swiss Mountain dogs)
in Millarville Alberta, Canada.

Due to a loss of an Entlebucher by the toxicity from Raisins with one of our Entlebucher owners in the USA, as well as a close call with one of our four month old puppy, I would like to inform as many dog owners as possible with the help of all media, dog breeders,AKC and DVM's about the Toxic in Grapes and Raisins.

Many of us have used grapes and raisins as treats for our dogs. This is now known to be dangerous. Please inform as many dog owners as you can to help us from hurting our
best friends unnecessarily. Unfortunately, it is not well known even to Veterinarians.

Thank you so much and have a very Happy New Year

Kurt and Marg. Sauter
Box 13 Site 12 RR#1, Millarville, Alberta, Canada

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