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Pedigree Agility Stakes' Finals - Photographs

The agility finalists pictured with the overall winner (centre front)
Terry Insull’s Magical Madge

Nicky Garrett’s Hocus Pocus on its way to a clear round in 33.33 seconds and second place in the final at the Pedigree masterfoods Agility Stakes’ Finals held in conjunction with the International Horse of the Year Show at Olympia just before Christmas. In addition to the agility and mini-agility finals there were also competitors over from Europe for the international agility and flyball competitions.

Overall winner Terry Insull’s Magical Madge pictured with Sarah pettit of Masterfoods

The Mini finalists kept the crowd entertained
on the Friday before Christmas

Mr Tom Grant of masterfoods, Jayne Bray with Mini winner Harvest Geld for Aprika and judge Barrie Harvey