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Clarification on new JW rule

SEVERAL READERS and columnists have spotted an error in the recently published revised rule relating to the Kennel Club Junior Warrant requirements.

OUR DOGS contacted the Kennel Club which confirmed an error and issued the following clarification:-

The General Committee also agreed that one of the main reasons for changing the Junior Warrant qualification had been to encourage more exhibits at Open Shows, but entries had not increased in line with expectations.

The Committee therefore agreed that the Junior Warrant qualification should revert back to the original points count, with points being gained at either Open Shows and/or Championship Shows.

The only restriction is that at least three of the 25 points must be gained at a Championship Show with CCs for the breed and at least three points at an Open Show or Championship Show without CCs for the breed. However, the minimum number of three dogs per class would remain.

The Committee also decided that the three day gap between shows should be removed.