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Open shows: why it was time to act

The Kennel Club has issued a list of frequently asked questions with specific regard to the restrictions now being placed on general canine society open shows. The move comes as OUR DOGS receives more letters about the proposals, and two weeks after the announcement of new Kennel Club initiatives to improve the open show scene.

From January 1st. 2003 gone is the need for open and limited shows to provide wet weather accommodation. They have also reversed the points for the Junior Warrant award back to the original points count, with these being gained at either Open Shows and/or Championship Shows.

The only restriction is that at least three of the 25 points must be gained at a Championship Show with CCs for the breed and at least three points at an Open Show or Championship Show without CCs for the breed. to encourage exhibitors to enter Open Shows a new Certificate of Merit is to be established. The Show Certificate of Merit would allow dogs a further qualification to achieve at Open Shows and the title ‘ShCM’ could be used after the name of the dog on show entries and in catalogues.

The changes come as part of the Kennel Club’s on-going commitment of listening to ‘dogdom’s’ suggestions and recommendations to help improve and promote canine events in general. The initiatives are designed to be of assistance to Open Shows in particular.

‘A number of clubs and individuals have written, or telephoned, to seek clarification on various issues concerning the recently published changes regarding the number of open shows permitted for each general canine society’ says the latest press release, which arrived at our offices too late for inclusion in last week’s issue as we went to press earlier than usual.

Falling entries

The Kennel Club is anxious to improve the level of competition at open shows and simply cannot allow the status quo to remain, with its crowded open show calendar and falling entries all round. Many exhibitors have expressed their support of the recently announced rationalisation of the open show scene and agree that ‘to do nothing’ is not an option.

The press release goes on to feature a list of the most commonly asked questions along with the Kennel Club’s answers. They have also attempted to explain more of the background thinking behind the KC General Committee’s decisions.

‘It is inevitable that changes of this kind will bring criticism but it is generally recognised that many of the changes announced recently, were long overdue’, says the release.

See page Kennel Club Factfile for full details