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Judge’s report


A superb event to judge in every way, the organisation runs on oiled wheels. Ann Bliss has the main ring planned just as one wants, to get the best out of the area for all the different breeds.

The first shortlist kept in the Peke (Yakee One Of The Boys), Norwich Terrier (Ch Ragus The Inquisition), GSP (Melmelsa Dusky Dallas of Knabynnus), Whippet (Nevedith Eefa Empress), Bouvier des Flandres (Kanix Hedda), Miniature Schnauzer (Risepark Smart Fella for Tamberg), Norfolk Terrier (Jaeva Party Politics), Standard Poodle (Afterglow Jamaica Me Crazy), Afghan Hound (Black Pepper from Karnak), Scottish Terrier (Mayson Musetta) and Miniature Poodle (Minarets Secret Sensation).

For me the winners moved well, good to go over, showed well in good coat. Two others I loved were not in quite full coat. My final short list gave me the Peke, the Norwich Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Afghan, Scottish Terrier and Norfolk Terrier. From these lovely puppies my winner was Mr & Mrs Ogburn’s Miniature Schnauzer Risepark Smart Fella for Tamberg.
Runner up Mr & Mrs Amoo’s and Mrs Thornton’s Afghan Black Pepper from Karnak.

Valerie Foss