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Retired Greyhound Trust triumphs at charity race night

Nottingham Retired Greyhound Trust – a charity dedicated to finding homes for ex-racing greyhounds – has raised £2,712 at a fundraising evening at Nottingham greyhound stadium.

The evening focused on fundraising for the Trust and raising awareness about the importance of
re-homing greyhounds. Individual races and dogs were sponsored in aid of the branch and prior to two of the races retired greyhound Georgy (pictured) was paraded wearing his 'I Need a Home' jacket.


In addition, a raffle, donation boxes and a dedicated exhibition stand selling Retired Greyhound Trust cards, calendars and giftware boosted the total funds raised.

Philip Tomkinson of Nottingham Retired Greyhound Trust commented: "We would like to thank everybody who supported us so generously. The evening has boosted our funds significantly, which will enable us to keep more greyhounds while we find them homes, and also to advertise to make more dog owners aware of greyhounds as pets. Even more importantly, it has encouraged more racegoers to recognise the need to provide for the dogs' retirement."

The majority of greyhounds retire at the age of three or four yet can live for a further ten years. Contrary to popular misconceptions they make suitable pets for both individuals and families of all ages with needs the same as other varieties of dog. They are gentle, adaptable and in terms of exercise will be happy with two normal dog walks each day.

Those wishing to find out more about Nottingham Retired Greyhound Trust or providing a home for a greyhound should contact Philip Tomkinson at Nottingham Retired Greyhound Trust on 0115-965 3957 or visit the web site at

Alternatively, the Trust can be reached nationally by calling 0870-444 0673.