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Lifetime’s loyalty rewarded in hero dog competition

A lifetime of care and loyalty secured devoted Golden Retriever Ryley the title of ‘Wafcol Hero Dog’ after winning a national competition run by Wafcol, a division of the leading manufacturer of pet care products, the Armitage Pet Care Group.

Five-year-old Ryley has taken his older companion Tag under his ‘paw’ allowing the 15 year old Collie to enjoy a full and happy life despite recurring health problems. Tag’s health has slowly deteriorated over the years leaving him deaf and partially sighted. Ryley’s watchful eye on walks and protective nature has meant Tag can still enjoy his freedom and maintain a good quality of life.

Wafcol awarded Ryley with a framed self-portrait, a Golden Bone and a year’s supply of Wafcol - the life range of complete food for all dogs-for his efforts.

Owner Carol Cheyne has always been a fan of Retrievers for their good temperament and Ryley is her fourth, ‘Ryley is a wonderful example of his breed and his relationship with Tag has meant he can still live like a normal dog and enjoy his freedom. If Tag wanders off Ryley will run over and circle him to bring him back and if other dogs are nearby Ryley will protect Tag. As well as giving Tag freedom he gives me freedom to be able to enjoy our walks rather than constantly having to worry where Tag is."

Susan Evans, Senior Product Manager at Armitage said, "We had a great response to the competition and all the dogs who entered deserve recognition as they have achieved some amazing things.

Ryley stood out as his heroic effort is on-going and his lifetime of care and devotion has improved Tag’s quality of life which he can continue to enjoy to the full under the watchful eye of his companion."

Wafcol is available throughout the pet trade and if you have any questions regarding Wafcol contact the Pet Advisory Centre on 0870 906 8090.