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Nationwide search for Britain’s oldest dog

A leading pet-product company is running a nationwide search to find Britain's oldest dog, and is prepared to offer £2,500 to the owner along with fame and notoriety to the winner.
So far, the oldest dog discovered, is a 25 year-old Collie called Bramble living in Somerset.

But VetPlus, a complementary pet treatment company based in Lancashire, is hoping to find a dog even older than Bramble that it can feature on the promotional material of a new product called Aktivait that is aimed at senior pets.

Not only will the winning dog become a famous 'cover canine' with a massive £2,500 prize, they will also receive a five star makeover and photo session along with a free supply of a new nutritional supplement called Aktivait.

Aktivait is a supplement aimed at older dogs that combines prime nutrients and aims to sustain optimum brain function in canines and help delay the ageing process. Canine dementia is a growing problem in dogs aged over eight with as many as one in four suffering from senility related disorders. This can lead to disorientation, lack of awareness of familiar people or surroundings, deterioration in house training habits, interrupted sleeping patterns and barking for no reason.

Based on recent research, which has indicated that a calorie restricted diet increases longevity in dogs and further studies that have shown that specific nutrients can optimise brain function, VetPlus developed Aktivait as a natural aid for ageing dogs.

If you think your dog is Britain's oldest canine, please send your name and address on a postcard with details of your dog's name and age to: VetPlus (Old Dog Search), Docklands, Dock Road, Lytham, Lancashire FY8 5AG. All entrants must be willing and able to substantiate their dog's age claim with veterinary or breeder records and/or their vet's endorsement.