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Pet Care Trust launches groomers’ network

The Pet Care Trust (PCT) is launching a new initiative to develop a groomers network through the British Dog Groomers’ Association (BDGA), in a move that is expected to raise the public profile of professional groomers and give members a more influential voice.

The PCT is developing a concept of fast and effective communications as a way forward for groomers to encourage and develop the professional recognition that UK grooming is justly entitled to enjoy.

The Trust has invited applicants from BDGA members to become volunteer regional representatives who will help organise regional seminars, practical demonstrations, meetings, and regular forums where professional groomers will be able to work together in helping raise grooming standards and share best practice.

Each regional representative will be allocated a budget to help finance their regions activities and direct access to specific PCT staff tasked with providing the necessary back up and support.

Pam Gee, grooming director, said, ‘The new network will speed up and improve communications not only between groomers but also with the rest of the pet care sector.’

The PCT has already begun the process by inviting applications from BDGA members for these new posts, and it is intended that the initial network of up to 10 representatives will be in situ by the spring of 2003.

Stephen Jeffery, general secretary, PCT added: ‘The Trust is actively seeking to develop a rapid two way communications link with the grass roots of its membership. This is just the first of many initiatives to be announced in the near future.’