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Scottish show Dog of the Year 2002

POINT RECORD forms are available from The Scottish Kennel Club for the 2002 competition.

Please note that the competition is restricted to dog(s) and owners(s) resident in Scotland from 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2002 and bitches in season are not eligible to compete.

The competition will be held on Thursday 15 May 2003 at the Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston, Nr Edinburgh and will be judged by Mrs M P Everton.

From point record forms received to date, the Scottish Top Dogs are as follows:–

Annan’s Scottish Terrier Ch Lomondview Gipsy Woman; Annan’s Scottish Terrier Lomondview Wanted Man; Brown’s Labrador Retriever Sh Ch Ramsayville Roisin; Carlton’s Skye Terrier Ch Thistlegate Trying Times; Catto’s Cairn Terrier Ch Birselaw Billy Fury; Clure’s Akita Ch Redwitch Play Misty for Me; Coupland’s King Charles Spaniel Ch Tucherish Geraldine; Cunningham’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Walamadengie Conquistidor; Fulton’s Hungarian Puli Ch Rockisland Pan Dancer; Hargreaves-Savage’s Greyhound Ch Mistweave Making Waves; Haran’s German Shorthaired Pointer Sh Ch Magregor Gin and It; Henderson’s Irish Setter Sh Ch Sametsuz Mak’n Mischief; Hutchison’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Ch Sonstraal Baron Samedi; McWilliam’s Samoyed Ch Roybridge Strike It Right of Istramac; MacDonald’s Saluki Ch Mabrooka Jayid; MacRac’s Yorkshire Terrier Ch Yoprlang Just William JW; MacLellan’s Japanese Shiba Inu Ch Amreco Gunga Din; Miller’s Boxer Ch Roamaro Maiden the Shade at Walkon; Payne & Dunlop’s Chinese Crested Ch Habiba Legally Blonde; Stoddart’s Australian Terrier Ch Millvalley Heather Blue; Scougal’s Gordon Setter Sh Ch Shannas Solitair; Scougal’s Gordon Setter Sh Ch Shannas Daimler; Winton’s Flatcoated Retriever Ch Braidwynn Bonnie Lad.

NB Point record forms must be returned to The Scottish Kennel Club by 31 January 2003.