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Select Committee report ‘unimpressive’

Anti-vivisection campaigners the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has accused the Government of being "all talk and no action" as it published its statement response to the House of Lords Select Committee on Animal Procedures Report of July 24th 2002.

Michelle Thew, BUAV Chief Executive said: “It is shameful that it takes a report by the House of Lords to make this Government take the issue of animal experiments seriously, but I fear that the Government will use this as an excuse for more talk instead of more action.

“I am not impressed by a Government response that lacks any real substance. The Government's statement calls for more consultation on freedom of information for animal experiments when action on this issue is already long overdue; the Government's appaling lack of funding for non-animal research development is recognised in the Report and yet here the Government still refuses to promote this to a top-priority area; and we see no recognition at all in the Government's response to the Report’s stinging criticisms of the Home Office Inspectorate's lack of independence.

“British people want progressive policy instead of spin, and they want decisive action instead of words. There is nothing in today's insubstantial Government response that indicates the Government has woken up to that fact.”