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25 years working with rescue dogs prompts awards

Very few people would deny that, over the past 25 years, the World renowned Essex Dog Display Team have been excellent ambassadors for rescue dogs and the inspiration for many new display teams to work with rescue dogs, and have given great encouragement to rescue dog owners.

Who better to organise what will probably be the most prestigious Rescue Dog Awards in the Country.

The awards will be presented at All About Dogs, which is being staged in Brentwood, Essex on May 10th and 11th. The annual event, organised by The Essex Dog Display Team, is one of the most comprehensive Canine events in Europe and has attracted much praise for its content and promotion of dogs.

All About Dogs Rescue Awards come in four categories.

Awards will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category:

Rescue Achiever of the Year
A dog with outstanding achievements, either as a working dog, obedience, agility, breed, working trials etc.,

Rescue Family Pet of the Year
A dog that has contributed greatly to the welfare of a family

Rescue Improver of the Year
A dog that had serious problems, either physically or mentally, and has overcome those problems and made a tremendous improvement

Rescue Person of the Year
Someone who has made a major contribution to the welfare of rescue dogs
The panel of judges who will be assessing the entries will all be Canine experts, who have a good understanding of rescue dogs.

Entries will be accepted from individuals, training or breed societies, animal welfare and rescue centres and the services.

Entries to: Rescue Awards, All About Dogs, 44 High Street, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4AJ (Enquiries 01277 226624)

Mark clearly on the top of your entry which category you wish to enter.

Please state in no more than 300 words why you think your dog should be Rescue Dog of the Year.

Closing date for entries is 12th April 2003.

If a sae is enclosed with your entry, a complimentary pass to AAD will be sent to you. All entries will be invited to join a special Rescue Dog section in the Grand Parade, which takes place at 4pm in the main arena.

Winners, who will receive specially commissioned trophies, will be informed by 22nd April and awards will be presented in the main arena at All About Dogs at 2pm on Sunday 11th May.