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Alfreton venue - the facts!

For many months rumours have been flying around that the Alfreton Leisure Centre, a venue used by many canine societies in the Notts and Derby area, will no longer be holding dog shows, writes Jan Fiers, secretary of Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society.

I have spoken to the Centre Manager, who has confirmed that there is no truth in the rumour. The Centre currently hosts around 20 dog shows per year.

The facts of the matter are these:

1.The Centre is due to undergo refurbishment. The main contractor will be appointed on 17th February and part of the contract details is to minimise disruption particularly with regard to dog shows.

2.A new management team, which will probably be in place by July this year, is taking over. This management team is also committed to maintaining the business brought in by dog shows.

They realise the huge loss of revenue that would occur if dog shows were not held there and have given the commitment to the local council, upon whose behalf it will be run, that dog shows will remain. Secretary's and committees have a hard enough job to do, what with all the recent restrictions placed on us by the various changes in regulations without undue stress and worry being caused by unfounded rumours.

Alfreton Leisure Centre has good relationships with the various societies who hold their shows there and these rumours do nothing at all to enhance that relationship. Exhibitors can help by taking it upon themselves to squash this rumour once and for all.