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Photo Special 2 - by John Hartley

The Pedigree Special Champions’ Stakes 2002 winner MacDonald’s Saluki Ch Mabrooka Jayid, the Junior Handler of the Year 2002 final winner Lucy Dixon with her Miniature Schnauzer and the Pedigree Veteran Stakes’ 2002 winner the Shiba Inu Liz Dunhill’s 10 year old Ch Vormund I’m Smartie, all pictured with the judges
(l to r) Mrs Margaret Everton, Mr Ellis Hulme and Mr Derek Smith

The Veterans’ Stakes final: second place the Parkers’ Newfoundland Ch Evanpark Ace Ventura, the judge Mr Derek Smith, Patrick Huyskens Pedigree Marketing Director, the winner Dunhill’s Shiba Inu Ch Vormund I’m Smartie and third place the Dalmatian Gatford’s Ch Tommy Brock

Mrs Liz Cartledge pictured with the three winners from last weekend’s final and all the other qualifiers from 2002

Team tactics mark 2 - all hands on deck after the evening dinner for Bill King’s
‘This is Your Life’ routine, ably presented by the man with the big red book,
Peter Groves of Masterfoods

In good form as ever Mr Clive Davies up from ‘the valleys’ of south Wales and his wife Mrs Barbara Davies