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Photo Special 1 - by John Hartley

The Pedigree Special Champions’ Stakes 2002 winner of last weekend’s final was Mrs Anne MacDonald’s Saluki Ch Mabrooka Jayid under judge Mrs Margaret Everton.

Delighting the crowd with her two-dog Heelwork To Music routine was Mary Ray

The Champions’ Stakes final: second place the Kerry Blue Terrier Ramsay’s Ch Torum’s Tunde Bayou handled by Geoff Corish, judge Mrs M Everton, the winner MacDonald’s Saluki Ch Mabrooka Jayid, Peter Groves of Masterfoods, and third place Cannell, Grant & Crummey’s American Cocker Spaniel Sh Ch Afterglow Arrabella handled by Mike Gadsby

Team tactics - all hands on deck for a ripping good time in the lounge of the Hotel Metropole as the ‘new’ carpet comes up!

Dinner guests Mrs Isobel Dyke, Mrs June Minns, Mr Jasper Courtney, Mr W A ‘Bob’ Dyke and Mr Denys Simpson