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Alabama proposes bill to legalise Greyhound killing

GREYHOUND RESCUE organisations and dog lovers across the world have been outraged by a Bill proposed in the USA by the Alabama Legislature which effectively legitimises the culling of Greyhounds by any person who chooses to do so.

Under Alabama's House Bill Number 37, which only requires the signature of the State Governor to become law, Greyhounds are to be re-classified as livestock.

This means that culling by shot or fatal injection can be undertaken by any unlicensed individual, rather than by veterinary professionals, who are, of course, bound by a code of ethical conduct.

Bad legislation

Ann Bollens of the Greyhound Pets of America Emerald Coast Chapter attacked the Bill as bad legislation. "This is like saying these dogs aren't worth anything," she said.

The bill authored by Representative James Buskey of Mobile also prescribes lethal injection as the method of killing greyhounds. But it doesn't say what can or can't be used. Baldwin County District Attorney David Whetstone whose preparing to prosecute a Lillian man under the existing statute for killing thousands of greyhounds, says it could affect his case.
Whetstone says he has real problems with this bill.

"Nor does it allow the dog the privilege of being executed by a vet, anybody can do it! So there are some real problems with this bill."

The bill was passed in the House under a Tourism and Travel Committee and in the Senate under a Tourism and Marketing Committee. All members of the Mobile and Baldwin County Legislative Delegations voted in favor of the bill except Senator Pat Lindsey and Representatives Mitchell and White who were not on the floor when the votes were taken.

Toby Hart, who is campaigning against Bill 37 told OUR DOGS: "At no point has the State Governor, or the proposer of the bill, James Buskey of Mobile, offered any explanation or justification for this extarordinary law, which sits well in Alabama's long tradition of illiberal and oppressive legislation."

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