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Fewer CCs around as the KC balances ‘demand’

The Kennel Club has announced the allocation of championship show status for 2006 which was agreed by the K C General Committee at its June meeting. An additional 29 sets of Challenge Certificates have been granted across 15 breeds with a total reduction of 38 sets across a further 35 breeds. This is a net reduction of only nine sets of CCs out of a total allocation of some 3288 sets of CCs in total - over all the breeds.

As the allocation of Challenge Certificates is based upon a breed’s average entry at Championship Shows over a number of years, the committee, says a press release issued last week, was careful to ensure that any reduction was not made based on show entries achieved solely in 2001.

That year some entries were adversely affected by the foot and mouth outbreak. A number of calculations were made in order to be as fair as possible, and it was only the most favourable results which were used in arriving at the new breed allocations.

The majority of changes are featured within the General and Group Championship Show allocation. The Scottish Siberian Husky Club has been allocated Championship Status for the first time.

During the course of agreeing this allocation the committee took into account a number of requests from breed clubs to alter their breed’s distribution of Challenge Certificates. The committee was pleased to be able to meet a number of these requests and these are shown on the allocation chart published in the July Kennel Gazette.


The committee is always mindful of the effect a reduction in the number of Challenge Certificates has on a breed and on its exhibitors. There was considerable debate on how to lessen the effect of a reduction in the number of Challenge Certificates on, in particular, the numerically smaller breeds. The Committee wanted to attempt to maintain a reasonable number and spread of Championship Shows at which exhibitors could have the opportunity to enter.

As a result of this debate the Committee agreed to introduce, on an experimental basis only, the concept of a single Best of Breed Challenge Certificate. It was further agreed that those numerically small breeds, which were due to lose a set of Challenge Certificates, should take advantage of this new concept.

So rather than removing a set of CCs (two CCs) from one show, the Committee agreed that one Challenge Certificate should be removed from each of two shows thereby maintaining the number of shows at which exhibitors could compete for a Challenge Certificate, and lessening the effect of the reduction.

The breeds affected by this new allocation in 2006 are:

Ibizan Hounds, Finnish Spitz, Pharaoh Hounds, Otterhounds, Norwich Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, Welsh Terriers, Irish Terriers, Maremma Sheepdogs, Belgian Shepherd Dogs (Groenendael) and Swedish Vallhunds.

The General and Group Championship Show Allocation chart indicates those shows where single Best of Breed Challenge Certificates will be on offer.

The complete allocation to breed clubs is published in the July Kennel Gazette and it should be noted, says the Kennel Club, that this allocation is made with the proviso that the societies concerned have run satisfactory shows in the previous year.

OUR DOGS hopes to reproduce this list for the interest of readers in next week’s issue.
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