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Hunting ban not a priority with voters

A recently released NOP poll*, commissioned by the Countryside Alliance and released today, shows that just 2% of people believe hunting should be a political priority. The research is published as the Hunting Bill awaits its Report Stage and Third Reading in the House of Commons.

The 1001 respondents who were asked ‘Which of the following do you consider to be most important for the government to tackle?’ responded -

NHS 35%
Asylum Seekers 31%
Education 17%
Anti Social Behaviour 14%
Hunting with Dogs 2%
Other/ Don’t Know 2%

Simon Hart, Director of the Campaign for Hunting, said: "Hunting is not a priority but out-of-touch dissident MPs remain obsessed by it. Because of them Parliament continues to waste time and resources on a discredited Bill, when they could be spent on many more important issues.

"Politicians keep asking how they can re-engage with the electorate, encourage people to participate in political debate and use their votes. They could start by dropping this sort of discrimination against a decent, responsible minority and instead concentrate on something that voters are actually interested in".

*An NOP omnibus poll of 1001 adults aged 15+ taken between 23rd and 25th May 2003 (full results available on request).