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More members ‘on the board’

As the Kennel Gazette for July arrives on the mat OUR DOGS was pleased to see that 28 names have been put forward as prospective full members of the Kennel club.

This is in addition to the 27 elected to full membership in May and announced in the June edition.

Whilst the process and mechanics to full membership has been eased for associates - up to 247 could apply if they wished - it is encouraging to see that the process by which members would be advised has been honoured and that the list is substantial.

We are obviously in no position to comment on the quality of those under consideration, nor would we, but we are sure the Kennel Club’s selection process will not falter.

The moves to open up the membership have been hard won by a General Committee driven forward by the need for reform in line with the new broader role it has to play on behalf of the world of dogs.