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Government should listen to the Lords on Hunting Bill

The Government should not facilitate the use of the Parliament Act and disregard the House of Lords on the Hunting Bill warns a new ICM poll* commissioned by the Countryside Alliance.

The survey of 1016 voters were asked - "If the House of Commons vote in favour of the Hunting Bill but the House of Lords amend it, do you think the Government should?"
Disregard the House of Lords: 27%

Take account of the views of the Lords to enable Parliament to reach a conclusion: 52% Don't know: 21%

Simon Hart, Director of the Campaign for Hunting, said: "The message of this poll could not be clearer. The Government must not facilitate the use of the Parliament Act on the Hunting Bill. "The Commons has voted to ban hunting on the basis of prejudice and discrimination. We remain confident that the Lords will amend the Bill to reflect principle and evidence, acting in the best interests of animal welfare and rural communities. Their voices should not be ignored".