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UK 2003, the length and breadth – by motorbike!
Nick gets back on his bike to raise money for Talking Newspapers

Nick Cranfield pictured outside the TNAUK National Recording Centre
with IT Systems Manager Tony Dart and his guide dog Jack

NICK CRANFIELD may be nearing 80, but he’s still up for a challenge, especially when it’s in a good cause. So it comes as no surprise to his friends and colleagues at the Talking Newspaper Association of the UK that on July 24th Nick will be climbing into his leathers and onto his Kawasaki W650 for a motorcycle tour of the country, to raise much needed funds for the charity.

Nick has been a volunteer reader for Talking Newspapers since 1998, his voice a welcome and familiar one to blind or partially sighted devotees of such publications as Our Dogs, BBC Top Gear, The Oldie, Cycle Sport, Steam Railway, and Trout & Salmon. On July 24th, however, he will cast aside his microphone and pull on his cycling gloves as he sets off from the National Recording Centre in Heathfield on his epic journey North.

This will be Nick’s first time on a motorbike for nearly 50 years, and he plans to give the motorways a wide berth, explaining: ‘My itinerary will take me west via the Eden Project. On up to the western coast of Scotland where I am sure to be impressed by the dramatic Cape Wrath, eventually turning south at John O’ Groats.

‘Homeward bound stops will take in the Angel of the North and Durham Cathedral. TV and local radio interviews along the way will help to get across the talking newspaper message to blind people who may not know about the service. Local and national talking newspapers reach over 200,000 visually impaired people, but there are nearly two million in the UK. This journey, hopefully, will help spread the word.’


Brave Nick, who doesn’t let his own health concerns get in the way of enjoying an active and challenging life, adds: ‘The audio tape service is a valued lifeline for people with serious sight problems. I am keen to do my bit to keep it going, and I want to show there is plenty of fun to be had in what others regard as the "twilight years". I may be nearer to 80 than 70, but these days, if you are lucky, having cancer needn’t necessarily stop you from doing exciting things. During my travels, I shall be meeting all expenses personally and everything raised will go to the charity. I very much hope readers will be able to support me in my efforts to raise funds for Talking Newspapers.’

Anyone wishing to sponsor Nick on his amazing journey, or interested in finding out more about the valuable service provided by TNAUK should contact Justin King, TNAUK Publicity.

01435 866102/ 07971 458967. Good luck to Nick from all at OUR DOGS!