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Pro docking petition is a soaraway success

A PRO-DOCKING online petition which attracted 1,500 signatures within four days of its being posted on the internet looks set to be one of the fastest growing petitions on the web.

The petition, originated by the Council of Docked Breeds (CDB), is intended to underline to the government the strong support which exists amongst dog owners and breeders for the maintenance of tail docking. Docking is currently threatened by a proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

‘We are absolutely staggered by the runaway success of the petition,’ said the CDB secretary, Ginette Elliott. ‘Our members and supporters are both committed and highly motivated, and that has been demonstrated in the speed with which the petition has taken off. The results will be sent to DEFRA Ministers, and I hope they will take note.’

The CDB is urging supporters both to sign the petition and to e-mail the link to their friends.

The petition website can be found at