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WSPA supplies avert crisis for Iraq’s animals

A POTENTIAL disaster for Iraq’s animals has been averted through the efforts of a disaster relief team from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

The team has just returned to the UK following a mercy mission that has been undertaken over the past two weeks to restock Iraq’s impoverished veterinary system with several tonnes of desperately needed supplies. Up to now, veterinary hospitals and clinics in the country have been largely without basic life-saving medicines such as broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Trevor Wheeler, WSPAs Disaster Relief Director, said, ‘The dedication and expertise of our team in Iraq has been exemplary. Working in a country recovering from war, WSPA has thrown a very real lifeline for the animals that so many Iraqi’s depend on and tens of thousands of animals stand to benefit from the emergency supplies that we have distributed’.

The mercy mission was part of an international response to the situation facing Iraq’s animals by a number of organisations worldwide coordinated by WSPA.

With WSPA having taken care of the immediate needs of Iraq’s veterinary system, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is now set to address the long-term issues that face the country’s animals such as the provision of urgently needed vaccines.