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Now Alliance plans legal challenge to Hunt Bill

The Countryside Alliance has revealed plans to fight the battle for the freedom to hunt in the country, in the House of Lords and, if necessary, in the courts.

The Alliance will seek to persuade the House of Lords that the Hunting Bill should be based on regulation which will cover all forms of hunting with dogs based on evidence and proper definitions of utility and least suffering.If the Labour Party's backbenchers continue to reject this approach the Alliance will be prepared to mount a challenge in the courts under the Human Rights Act. The Alliance would also challenge any projected use of the Parliament Acts in the courts with the help of leading constitutional lawyers.

Alliance Chairman John Jackson said: "This campaign will reflect the determination of decent people never to submit to unjust laws. It will be long and arduous but our widespread support, and the justice of our cause, will sap the political will of our opponents and those who might give in to them.

"We will campaign, and campaign relentlessly, not just for the hunting community, not just for the rural community, but for everyone in our society who values freedom, fairness and the proper working of democracy".