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Greyhound Forum hears all aspects

THE GREYHOUND Forum continues to work closely with the racing industry, and we are now meeting regularly with the independent tracks as well as the NGRC and BRGB. Last year, the Greyhound Forum produced the Charter and Code of Practice for the Welfare of the Racing Greyhound, which has gained acceptance throughout the industry.

The UK's major animal welfare organisations do not accept that racing itself is a cruel sport. However, we agree that it needs regulation to ensure welfare standards for the dogs throughout their entire life.

We are pleased to hear that the League Against Cruel Sports is taking an interest in the sport, the points they have raised mostly coincide with everything that is written within the charter.

All the major animal welfare charities have included Greyhound welfare in their submissions to the Animal Welfare Bill, which we hope the government will legislate on to ensure it is a cruelty-free sport.

To date, the Greyhound Forum has made many achievements, including The Charter and Code of Practice for the Welfare of the Racing Greyhound, and the reactivation of the Society of Greyhound Veterinarians.

Additionally, due to the Forum, the NGRC's Rule 18 has been refined to encourage responsible Greyhound ownership and enforcement is gradually improving. The racing industry has also set in place track design and injury monitoring statistics. The funding of the Retired Greyhound Trust has improved and the rehoming of Greyhounds through the RGT and other welfare organisations has increased.

The animal welfare organisations won’t rest until all aspects of the sport protect the welfare of the racing greyhound from cradle to grave.