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Misconceptions barrier to helping greyhounds

Leading dog charity the Retired Greyhound Trust recently highlighted how misconceptions held by the public are becoming a serious barrier to helping former racing greyhounds.

The Trust aims to home 2,200 ex-racing greyhounds by the end of 2003, but would like to home many more. Mistaken beliefs of what greyhounds would be like as pets may yet threaten its aim to reach its initial total.

Many people, the Trust has found, will not consider providing a home for this breed because they (wrongly) believe that a greyhound - fast and energetic on the track and used to a kennel lifestyle - will take too much time to look after and not adapt well to a home environment. In reality, the opposite is true. Greyhounds are very adaptable, living easily with both individuals and families. They are good-natured, quiet dogs that take no more looking after than the average breed.

Those wishing to help the Retired Greyhound Trust should call 0870 444 0673 or visit its website