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SBT aid auction a great success
£7,000 and still rising

A RESOUNDING success is the general overview of a charitable online auction which raised over £7,000 to fight Breed Specific Legislation in Spain.

Andrina Morton and Wendy Clewley's online auction and fund raising campaign ‘SBT Aid’ surpassed everybody's expectations. The auction began with the aim of raising the 3,000 Euros (about £2,100) needed to support legal action to overthrow

a Royal Decree in Spain restricting a number of breeds including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
In three weeks, SBT Aid has raised money not only by means of the well-publicised eBay auction but also by selling goods on the online shops and cash donations. There was even a sponsored ‘pyjamathon’ by Stafford owner Donna Parker from Bristol which raised £165 and an agility run by David Levy at the East Anglian S.B.T.C. championship show that raised £300.

The auction had the backing of the SBT Breed Council and all monies are being deposited in the Council's Westminster Fund. ‘The fund was originally founded to oppose breed specific legislation in the UK.’, says David Levy, the Kennel Club's Liaison Officer for Staffords, ‘but it is increasingly becoming an international campaign to protect our breed.’

Items for the auction, donations and bids have substantially come from all over the world. Items auctioned have ranged from badges and cards at £3 or £4 to a rare 1947 4th edition ‘Joseph Dunn’ (The Staffordshire Bull Terrier) that raised £310. Some of the more unusual items have included a Christmas cake yet to be baked and several soft toy Staffords. A much prized item was an original oil painting by the vice-President of the Spanish SBT Club, Sr. Pepe Ojados raised £210 and a signed limited edition print by artist Paul Doyle raised £232.

‘We have had a superb show collar and lead by Hide and Collars bought at auction by a Stafford owner in Germany’, says Andrina. The Duchess of Hamilton donated a collection of Stafford magazines and yearbooks, the sale of which has so far raised over £750 for SBT Aid. Two copies of The Kennel Club's ‘Treasures of THE KENNEL CLUB’, signed by KC staff were also snapped up. Various companies also provided donations, including The Company of Animals, Pets at Home, Lynniel Arts & Illustration, and Sally Mitchell Fine Arts.

‘The main auction has ended now and the total bids exceeded £5,000’, says Wendy Clewley. ‘We plan to carry on indefinitely at a less frenetic pace as items become available in order to maintain an emergency reserve fund available to the Breed Council to assist Stafford owners anywhere in the World.’

Anyone wishing to view the forthcoming auction items for the first "mini-auction due to take place in late August", purchase something from the online shop or make a donation towards the Westminster Fund can access or and follow the links.