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UK honours its hero dogs

Endal, a ‘unique’ labrador

A panel of experts, including former Blue Peter vet Joe Inglis, animal expert Carina Norris and Fiona Green from Vets in Practice have chosen an elite group of dogs as finalists in the prestigious international Canine Global Hero Awards.

PEDIGREE and ASDA have joined forces via the Paws to Recognise programme to recognise some remarkable dogs and the handlers who train and work with them.

Three dogs have been chosen as finalists in the UK by the panel of expert judges. One lucky dog will be chosen to represent the UK at an international ceremony in Washington on 21st August, which will honour all National Canine Global Heroes.

All three dogs chosen have shown an amazing amount of strength, dedication and bravery and are all skilled professionals who save lives and help others as part of their everyday duties. The three UK finalists are:

Endal – A unique Labrador who helped rekindle his owner’s life in many ways

Gemma – A fantastic search and rescue dog who has helped save many trapped people

Mellow – A remarkable dog who regularly raises money for charity

The ‘remarkable’ Mellow

Former Blue Peter Vet and judging panel member Joe Inglis said: "All these dogs are heroes.

Everyday they touch someone’s life and it is right that they should be honoured in this way.

They all provide a remarkable service to humankind and the world would be a more difficult place without these incredible dogs."


He continued: "This campaign will also hopefully help the public recognise the great work that these dogs and their owners do on a day-to-day basis."

A spokesperson on behalf of PEDIGREE and ASDA commented: "PEDIGREE and ASDA are delighted to be involved in this campaign, which we feel goes right to the heart of recognising these heroes. We would like to honour all hero dogs across the nation and especially those involved in Canine Global Heroes and look forward to recognising more heroes in the coming years."