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Australia a step nearer docking ban

QUEENSLAND MINISTER for Primary Industries Henry Palaszczuk has welcomed the announcement last week by the Australian Northern Territory Government to support a ban on cosmetic tail docking of dogs in the State.

Mr Palaszczuk said the NT Government's decision meant Australia was a step closer to implementing a national ban on the ‘cruel and unnecessary practice’ of cutting a dog's tail short soon after birth.

‘Queensland will be implementing the ban in October and importantly we want the support of all governments to implement a national ban by 1 December 2003,’ he said.

Last week Mr Palaszczuk addressed the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) national conference in Cairns. The AVA, along with the RSPCA and other animal welfare organisations, has pushed for a national ban on tail docking.

‘I welcome the Northern Territory Government's announcement,’ Mr Palaszczuk said. ‘I expect all States and Territories will be able to reach an agreement to a national ban by the 30th of June as scheduled.’

‘To ensure there is no interstate trade in docked dogs, we really need a national ban.’
l If you wish to register your views on an Australian tail docking ban, please contact Mr Palaszcuk at: e-mail: