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Exhibitor warned and censured

The Kennel Club Disciplinary Sub Committee met in the Boardroom on Wednesday May 28th. to consider a complaint brought by the Kennel Club against Miss Melanie Rawson, who left a dog in a car at Leeds championship show last year.

The Kennel Club’s case was pressed by pupil barrister Katherine Booth and Miss Rawson of Low Moor, Bradford who appeared at the hearing had already explained in full the circumstances which surrounded the incident.

She had returned to the car park with her dog only to discover that her child was not with her companion at the show. Concerned at the possibilities of a lost child on the showground, she returned to the show to search and to find out what had happened and left the dog in a ventilated car.

After considering the evidence presented and the mitigating circumstances the following statement was made:

‘The Committee having carefully considered the evidence, find that the complaint brought by the Kennel Club under Kennel Club Rule A42 a (1) (a) against Miss Melanie Rawson namely that she behaved discreditably or prejudicially to the interests of the canine world in that at the Leeds City and District Canine Association championship show on Sunday 28 July 2002 she left a Dogue de Bordeaux unattended in a locked car with insufficient protection against the heat, causing distress and discomfort to the dog and exposing it to risk of potential injury, is upheld.

‘The Committee impose the following penalties:

‘1. To warn her as to her future conduct [A42 j (1)]
‘2. To censure her [A42 j (2)]

‘Whilst the Disciplinary Sub-Committee is fully aware of the seriousness with which the Kennel Club views the potential for suffering and distress of dogs left in cars in hot weather, it is noted in this instance that there were extenuating circumstances which were recognised by the RSPCA, who issued a formal caution to Miss Rawson as to her future conduct. This committee notes the circumstances presented in evidence and concurs with the RSPCA decision in this matter and would advise Miss Rawson that the censure issued by this committee will be noted by the Kennel Club.’