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Portsmouth Retired Greyhound Trust raises over £700

The Portsmouth branch of national charity the Retired Greyhound Trust which finds homes for ex-racing greyhounds - has raised over £700 through its sponsored walk along Southsea seafront.

Co-ordinators of the Portsmouth branch were joined by friends and supporters - with their pets - for the six-mile walk. "We are absolutely thrilled with the amount that has been raised and would like to thank all those who supported us.

The money raised will go directly towards meeting the ongoing need to find homes for these lovely dogs once their racing days have ended." Greyhounds make extremely loyal pets for both individuals and families of all ages. Racing until the age of three or four, greyhounds can live for up to ten years in retirement making excellent long-term pets. They are gentle, loving and able to adapt to most types of lifestyle.

Those interested in finding out more about the Retired Greyhound Trust or think they could provide a home for one of these dogs should call Sue Shearer on 023 923 7184 or the Retired Greyhound Trust nationally on 0870 444 0673. Alternatively, visit the website at