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New York, NY - Highlights from the June 10, 2003 meeting of the AKC Delegates are as follows:

· A new section 27 was added to Chapter 10 of the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Pointing Breeds, creating a National Championship Stake for English Setters.

· The Delegates defeated a proposed AKC Bylaw amendment that would have provided more flexibility in the scheduling of the December quarterly meeting by permitting it to be held in December or January.

· The second quarter AKC Community Achievement Awards were announced. The honorees were: The Maryland Dog Federation Inc., Greenbelt, MD, Norman G. Wilson, Rio Grande Kennel Club, and Arnold Wolf, Collie Club of Maine, Auburn, ME.

· F.W. (Bill) Braun was recognized for having served as an AKC Delegate for 25 years. His wife Margaret accepted on Mr. Braun's behalf.