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JP Morgan chase showcases four canine heroes
from 9/11 rescue mission

NEW YORK, June 18, 2003 -- JPMorgan Chase announced today it is the proud new owner of four one-of-a-kind dog sculptures created to honor the Canine Search and Rescue (SAR) teams who were called to serve at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the "field" in Shanksville, PA, and the Fresh Kills Landfill sites, following September 11th.

The four individually crafted statues, bearing the names "New York Pride," "Sirius," "Miro I" and "Miro II," have been installed in the lobby areas of four JPMorgan Chase corporate locations, including the firm's headquarters at 270 Park Avenue and three sites within blocks of Ground Zero.

These four sculptures are among more than 100 created during an American Kennel Club (AKC) public art project initiative called DOGNY. The American Kennel Club program began as a fundraiser to honor the valuable contributions of the SAR dog and handler teams in the aftermath of September 11th. The sculptures, painted by artists and sponsored by individuals and numerous corporations, were on display in New York City from August 2002 to November 2002, and also to mark the one-year anniversary of the tragedies.

The sculptures were then sold at auction in December 2002 at Sotheby's and on Sotheby', and net proceeds of DOGNY continue to support professional and volunteer canine search and rescue organizations nationwide through The American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery Corporation Canine Support and Relief Fund, an established charity.

"People around the world were touched by the loyalty and resolve of Search and Rescue Dogs, who worked tirelessly in the aftermath of the September 11th tragedies," said JPMorgan Chase Executive Vice President Frederick Hill. "We are proud to own these sculptures and display them, but we are especially proud to support volunteer Canine Search and Rescue organizations nationwide."

The details about the dog sculptures and their JPMorgan Chase locations are:

The 270 Park Avenue lobby - "New York Pride" by an artist simply known as "Billy," who writes in AKC materials, "New York Pride is simple: Miss Liberty and the fireman on one side; on the other side a policeman and a rescue worker. All those people, with the rescue dogs, are what we are so grateful and proud of - New York Pride."



At 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza - "Sirius" by Allison Aboud, who writes, "My DOGNY design is a dedication to the service animals who risked their lives to help bring order to the pandemonium of the New York City and Washington, DC terrorist attacks. The design depicts this transition from disorder to order using a painting technique reminiscent of cubism. The top area of the dog (near the head) portrays a peaceful nighttime sky in contrast to the disarray at the bottom lower half of the statue. The area of order and calm is painted between the head and heart of the service dog, because it is from the combined effort of the animal's intellect and loving nature that families with missing loved ones may find answers, security and peace."

At 95 Wall Street - Miro Dog I by Yuichi Tanabe (see following)

At 4 New York Plaza - Miro Dog II was created specifically for JPMorgan Chase by Yuichi Tanabe, who writes, "Miro Dog is inspired by the work of Joan Miro. The world of Miro is conveyed through the colors, shapes, patterns and forms of the design."

Daphna Straus, an AKC spokeswoman for the DOGNY project, noted a recent "significant" donation was made to the New York City Police Department Canine Unit through the New York City Police Foundation. A small selection of sculptures is still available for direct sale on The American Kennel Club web site is

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