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Firework petition due
to be presented to PM

A PETITION calling for the severe restriction of fireworks is due to be presented to No 10 Downing Street in two week’s time by the petition’s organiser and MP Bill Tynan, whose Firework Bill gained its third reading in Parliament recently and is currently due for debate in the House of Lords.

Theresa Kulkarni from King’s Lynn told OUR DOGS that the petition – due to close on June 28th – now has over 60,000 signatures, signed by people from all over the UK.

"Thanks to everyone who have helped and signed the petition so far," says Kulkarni, 38. "We have organised a presentation to 10 downing street for the 8th July but are waiting for confirmation in writing. The petition itself closes on June 28th.

Although Kulkarni broadly agrees with the scope of the firework bill, she feels it does not go far enough in addressing the problems caused to animals and people by the misuse of fireworks.

"Bill Tynan's private members bill does not actually say what the Government will do," she says. "Ours is the only petition at present calling for a ban. We must not turn back now. If the Tynan bill is passed our petition will tell the government in clear terms what it should do with its new power to regulate.

"We have over 60,000 signatures (and still climbing) calling for licensed displays only and a ban on public sales - and Bill Tynan says that will never be allowed.

"The much vaunted bill is not all it is cracked up to be and will not include a ban on the public sale of fireworks. It will not limit them to licensed displays only. Bill has written to us and has stated that he knows a ban on public sales will never be allowed by our Parliament but we welcome any attempt to improve the situation but have serious doubts over just how effective any bill is that says ‘the secretary of state may... But first has to consult...’ and goes on to give a list that includes the firework manufacturers."

Kulkarni claims that the bill does not say that anything will be done or when it will be done or how it is to be funded or policed.

"Although it has been claimed that it will limit the sale of fireworks to just a three week period and ban loud fireworks the copy of the bill we have seen just says the secretary of state may pass regulations after consulting with... Everything other than allowing the government to do something is not in the bill. We are left with yet more "promises" and we all know what government promises are like don't we? We hesitate to add the obvious that may does not mean must."