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KC registrations continue to rise

In October 2002, the Kennel Club announced the relaunch of its canine registration and healthcare services. Included in the array of changes were new ideas such as litter registration certificates for breeders, free six weeks Healthcare cover from the date of sale of puppies and registration fee refunds for breeders when new owners take out annual insurance cover.

This relaunch has enabled the Kennel Club to raise its profile as the champion of all dogs - whether pedigree or mixed breed - and to protect and promote the dog’s varied roles in society.

Since October, the Kennel Club has received a great deal of positive response from breeders and puppy buyers on both the new design and the increased value of Kennel Club registration.

This satisfaction is showing itself in a continuing increase in KC registrations, culminating in a 13.1% increase for registrations (9% up for the year to date). Transfer applications for May 2003 were also up 13.1% for the month (10.2% up year to date), with the total transfer rate currently running at 62.6% of registrations.

Said Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary, "The new incentives launched in 2002 have been very well received by breeders, who understand how important it is for dogs to be registered with the Kennel Club. In doing so they are helping to fund crucial health programmes." She added, "We have been similarly pleased with the feedback that we have received from politicians, civil servants and industry related organisations who recognise our key objectives of promoting the general improvement of dogs and defending the rights of dogs and their owners. All dogs come under the protective umbrella of the Kennel Club and we shall continue to do all we can for them."

New titles for The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is pleased to announce the publication of the annual Stud Book and Year Book on 1 July 2003.

As readers will know, the Stud Book is the Who’s Who of the world of dogs, listing all those dogs that achieved championship status during 2002. The Year Book is a vital directory within the canine arena with information on activities and services and contact details for a wide range of groups including breed clubs, societies and councils, and KC members.

Back by popular demand are the Kennel Club Individual Regulation Booklets. As well as being included in the Year Book, these can be purchased according to discipline and are available in useful personal organiser size booklets. The booklets are available in the following categories:

G: Obedience
H: Flyball & Agility
I: Working Trials
J: Field Trials
F: Show

These and other Kennel Club publications can be browsed and ordered through the website Alternatively they are available to purchase via the Publications hotline on 020-7518 1016.

Group Judges’ Development Seminars for the Utility Group

At the request of the Kennel Club, the Richmond Dog Show Society has kindly agreed to host and organise a series of Group Judges’ Development Seminars for the Utility Group. The first Seminar will be held on the 18th and 19th November 2003 at the Canine Academy, Tollerton.

To attend these seminars a judge must have previously awarded challenge certificates to at least three breeds in the Utility Group or have been approved to judge another Group at Championship shows and have previously awarded challenge certificates to at least two breed(s) in the Utility Group. Richmond Society will be contacting eligible candidates in due course.

For further information on the
forthcoming Seminar please contact:
Nick Bryce-Smith on 01342-327573.

Premier Open Show status applications

Following on from the General Committee’s decision to introduce a new category of Open Show – the Premier Open Show, an application form for permission to schedule one of these shows is now available. Those General Canine Societies, which regularly attract more than five dogs per class, are invited to apply to the Kennel Club for consideration. The first Premier Open Shows will take place in 2004.

This new category of show gives the Kennel Club the opportunity to acknowledge the achievement of those good open show societies that continually schedule successful, well-attended shows. These shows carry a Crufts qualification for those dogs declared Best of Breed. Each qualifying best of breed will receive a certificate from the Kennel Club confirming Crufts qualification.

The application form includes questions on the proposed show venue and its facilities, the facilities provided for exhibitors, and requests information on the many other features which add to the society’s successful shows. Those qualifying societies are invited to apply by contacting either Kelly Prosser or Semone Cooper at the Kennel Club on 0870 6066750 extn nos 290 or 207.