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New Zealand
– BSL not dropped from proposed dog legislation

A LEADING anti-BSL campaigner in New Zealand has pointed out that inaccurate reports about the New Zealand Government’s proposed new dog control legislation has led many campaigners around the world to suppose that the Bill does not include Breed Specific Legislation when in fact this is not the case.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier enthusiast Marion Harding referred to the recent Stafford Auction website, which is raising funds to combat BSL in Spain and elsewhere. "I have just had a look at the promotions/press/media on the Stafford Auction web site. It is a Dog World article and I think it says the same as what is on liaison officer's page on the" says Marion. "The article says that NZ has considered BSL and has decided against it. I wrote to David Levy recently to tell him about the Stafford club liaison page but haven't heard back from him.

"I wish that those reports were accurate. Submissions do not close until 20th June and will be heard by Select Committee. They will give their report to Government and then there will be 2 more readings of the proposed law changes before we know the outcome. The BSL parts of the proposed law changes are the banning of the imports of the ‘famous four’ breeds and types and muzzling of those breeds already here. Then there is the identifying of those breeds and types as potentially dangerous and any other dog that looks potentially dangerous or is considered may pose a threat because of 1) any observed or reported behaviour 2) any characteristics typically associated with the dog's breed or type. Those dogs identified as potentially dangerous go on the same list as the famous four and have to be muzzled. In my book that is BSL, isn't it?"