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RSPCA inspector runs down pro-hunter

AN RSPCA Chief Inspector has been fined and had his driving licence endorsed after he ran over a pro-hunting demonstrator.

Last year's Piccadilly Hunt protest - when hundreds of pro-hunting activists rode through central London - was disrupted when Chief RSPCA inspector Jan Eachus, pitched up in a van and ran over a female marcher. Police were called and Eachus was charged with dangerous driving.

On May 29th 2003, the district judge at Horseferry Road magistrates' court fined him £300, with £300 costs, and put six points on his driving licence, saying he had "used his vehicle to push through pedestrians".

Eachus is best known for his appearances as an ‘expert witness’ for the prosecution in many high-level Dangerous Dogs Act cases in the early to mid 1990s. He continued to appear in this capacity even after the RSPCA withdrew their Inspectors from appearing for the Prosecution in DDA cases.

An RSPCA spokesperson commented: "RSPCA inspectors receive excellent driving training.
They are on the road 24 hours a day, responding to calls about animals which may be suffering or in danger. Despite the large amount of time they spend on the road, driving incidents are very rare."

The victim, saddler Alison Gurney, is considering civil proceedings for compensation.