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Docked dogs banned from World Show

DOCKED BREEDS have been banned form taking part in this year’s World Dog Show by order of the German Courts as part of the ‘animal rights’ laws passed in Germany last year which prohibits the docking of dogs’ tails.

The ruling means that docked dogs from the UK and other countries where tail docking is not illegal may not be entered at the show and demonstrates yet another example of the German Government’s arrogance and bias against dogs.

The German Kennel Club – VDH instigated a legal challenge to the ruling which was heard at the Administrative Court in Gelsenkirchen .

The VDH had tried to gain an exceptional ruling to allow foreign dogs that are legally cropped or docked in accordance with the laws of their respective countries to participate in the World Dog Show 2003.

After exhausting all the legal possibilities - including an application to pass a preliminary order for this year’s show only - and also including the services of a renowned administrative lawyer, the VDH’s application was dismissed by the court.

This means that the following regulations will also apply to the World Dog Show 2003: In accordance with the "Tierschutz-Hundeverordnung" (animal protection dog regulations) effective from the 1st May 2002 dogs living in Germany or outside Germany that meet the following criteria will be banned from participating at dog shows:

1. Those dogs with ears cropped after the 01.01.1987.

2. Those dogs with tails docked after 01.06.1998

(The only exception to this ruling includes docked or cropped dogs used for hunting in accordance with German law for the protection of animals).

The ban is not enforced in exceptional cases if a medical condition necessitating docking is known, but the corresponding veterinary certification must be enclosed together with the entry.

The ruling is bound to hit entries for the World Dog Show 2003 extremely hard and will no doubt necessitate the FCI thinking carefully on the choice of host country and venue for the show in future.

Phil Buckley of the Kennel Club commented: "The Kennel Club is sorry to learn that VDH were unsuccessful with their application to the Administrative Court in which they tried to gain an exceptional ruling to allow foreign dogs that are legally cropped or docked in accordance with the respective country laws to participate in the World Dog Show. We had in fact written to VDH last September requesting clarification as to what would happen if UK exhibitors of Staffords and Bull Terriers attended Germany to exhibit - bearing in mind the current 'dangerous dog' legislation - but have not received a response to our enquiry.

Obviously UK exhibitors will not have an issue with ear cropping, but they certainly will with tail docking, therefore it is unfortunate that many will not feel in a position to participate."