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Back-to-back shows in Switzerland

Exhibitors who like the idea of combining both International dog shows and, stunningly beautiful scenery take note!

On Saturday and Sunday June 21st & 22nd 2003 there will be two International dog shows, two International cat shows, and various other pet exhibitions held in the city of Lucerne at the same venue!

The first closing date for the dog show entries is April 15th (Postmark), the second and final deadline is the 15th of May, and must be in the hands of the Show Secretariat by 12 noon. Only postal entries will be accepted.

For further information and schedules contact:
IHA 2003 Luzern, Secretariat, Kastanienbaumstrasse 65, CH - 6048.
Telephone + 41(0)41 340 06 40;
or Fax: +41 (0)41 340 31 40.

There is also a website:
and an Email address:

Remember however that entries will NOT be accepted by either Fax or Email. There is a very large and International judging panel, various breed specialist shows within the shows., and various other canine events.

Accomodation can be arranged through the Lucerne Tourist Office, Email: Tel: +41 (0)41 227 17 17 The Fax number is almost the same except for the last digit which is an 8 instead of a 7.

The postal address is: Luzern Tourismus AG, section congrés, Bahnhofstrasse 3, Case postale, CH - 6002 Lucerne. and please mention The “Exposition Canine Lucerne” when contacting the tourist office.