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Royal welcome for KC peer

Kennel Club member Lord Watson of Richmond attended a private lunch at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh last month.

He was given a special welcome by the Queen’s three corgis who were also in attendance. Alan found himself on the Queen's right hand in the 1844 room at one of the regular luncheons held at the Palace to enable the Queen 'to meet and talk to interesting people'.

The welcome from the corgis is easily explained. As they sat at Alan's feet he told Her Majesty that his wife, Karen Watson, the well known International judge and breeder of Belgian Shepherd Dogs, had insisted that their two Questenburg Tervuerens should nestled against him before he left home that morning. "Well, it seems to have worked," the Queen replied.

Naturally, the conversation around the table covered many topics (Alan is Chairman of the English Speaking Union as well as a past Chairman of the Royal Television Society) but he says that the Queen was exceptionally knowledgeable about dogs and took a keen interest in pedigrees. Alan asked if she had ever shown at Crufts and she replied that she had - although in the name of the household and not in her own. She also said that in her view, judges seemed to pay too much attention to type and not enough to function these days!

She was interested in Our Dogs and Dogs Monthly and arrangements have been made to include Her Majesty on our list of subscribers.