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Setters to the fore

The Irish Setter Breeders’ Club held a first rate seminar on Sunday 16th March, at Shirland Village Hall, near Alfreton, on “The differences between the four setter breeds”.

The speaker was Mrs Jose Baddeley, one of the few judges approved to award CCs in all four breeds. She was one of the best speakers, that I have come across at  breed seminars and put over her points so well that, I am sure, those who attended will remember them, long after those made at many other seminars are forgotten.

The club also ensured that typical specimens of each breed were there to illustrate the talk and they even included the Irish Setter, Sh Ch Cataluna Gee Whiz, that was third in the Group at Crufts. It was very sporting of the owners to bring him and I am sure that others like myself, who have only judged Irish at Open Shows gained great benefit from going over such an outstanding example of the breed. There were mature dogs and bitches and puppies there from each breed and it was fascinating to see Mrs Baddeley show the effect of the long bones developing faster than the short bones and the different speeds at which the four setter breeds develop. I came away with a much clearer picture, not just of the setters but of dogs in general and one can not ask for more from a seminar.

Mike Herwin