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NCDL's flagship rehoming centre rebuild

The staff and dogs at NCDL Kenilworth are celebrating this week as phase one of the Rehoming Centre's rebuild is completed.

As the rescue dogs move into the brand new Greyhound block, the demolition work is beginning on their dilapidated old kennels which will also soon be rebuilt with state of the art changes. The rebuild is due to be completed in January 2004 and will make NCDL Kenilworth the NCDL's flagship Rehoming Centre in the UK with facilities for over 280 rescue dogs at any one time.

Sandra Wilson, NCDL Kenilworth Manager, explains: "We are delighted that the first phase of the rebuild is complete. Dogs who are still looking for homes can now enjoy the brand new Greyhound block whilst their old kennels are rebuilt. A brand new training barn is also now available as is our very own veterinary suite.

"To compare the old and new kennels is amazing and we can tell the dogs are pleased as well, just by their wagging tails! The centre may continue to look like a building site for a while, but we are still open and there are dozens of dogs still looking for homes, so please continue to visit us."

NCDL Kenilworth is the largest of the NCDL's 15 Rehoming Centres and with several Greyhound tracks nearby, many of the dogs that arrive at the centre are ex racing Greyhounds.

Over 30 of the Greyhound residents moved out of the centre in July 2002 as the rebuild began. Kenilworth's famous doggy residents were then transferred to other NCDL Rehoming Centres to find new homes.

The new Greyhound block is especially designed to accommodate these long legged canines with taller kennels and skylights for extra light during the day.

Once the rebuild is completed, visitors will see huge changes all around the centre. The biggest change will be an end to bars in kennels. Each dog will now live in a glass walled kennel fitted with holes in the glass for the dogs to sniff potential owners. A dog's biggest asset is his nose, so being able to smell passers by is a big plus.

Local residents will be pleased to know that due to the position of the kennels, noise in the surrounding area will also be reduced once the rebuild is complete.

The brand new training barn will allow even more dogs to be trained and rehabilitated and the centre's very own veterinary suite will now be used for simple procedures. With a vet visiting regularly, NCDL will be able to neuter dogs on site rather than make regular and costly trips into town.

The public will also have a larger car park and better facilities in reception. With these new plans in place, visiting the Rehoming Centre will be an even more pleasant experience and hopefully encourage more dog lovers to give a dog a home. Anyone wanting to rehome any of the dogs at NCDL Kenilworth should call the centre on 01926 484398.