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Pet Plan drops show insurance

TOP PET Insurers Petplan has further reduced their range of services to the world of pedigree dogs by ceasing to insure canine events.

The company is believed to have taken the decision on the advice of its underwriters who, like many other insurance underwriters worldwide are under severe financial pressure to concentrate on the most lucrative areas of business, a situation largely brought about by the growth of international terrorism and claims for damage resulting from terrorist attacks.


A spokesman for Petplan told OUR DOGS: "Petplan, the UK’s largest pet insurance provider, has withdrawn from offering liability cover to Canine Clubs and Societies. Existing customers were notified of the change in a recent letter, also offering the contact details of alternative companies who could offer the service.

"The decision came as the company decided to concentrate on its core business – insuring the UK’s dogs, cats, rabbits and horses – instead of focusing on this very small area of the business.

"Petplan wrote to all Canine Club and Society policyholders advising them of this decision and providing at least six weeks notice. The company also provided alternative names and contact details of those who are able to provide this type of cover."

Existing policies will continue to run until their renewal date and claims will be handled in the usual professional and efficient way.


Alison Andrew, Communications Manager for Petplan said, "There are a number of specialist companies who can offer this service far more cost effectively than we can. They deal with many more of the smaller specialist policies and can devote the necessary manpower and resources to Canine Clubs."

If anyone has any queries regarding their policy they can contact Petplan on 020 8580 8070.