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Pets as Therapy - £5,000 in 1 hour!

In what must have been a record for fundraising at Crufts, old trooper Robert Killick and young protege Tom Hogan joined forces on the Saturday of the show to raise money for Pat Dogs and also increase public awareness of this deserving charity.

Young Tom, already a great buddy of Old Killick, had earlier received his certificate as the first junior member on the Pat Dogs stand in a mini ceremony hosted by Maureen Hennis and the Pat Dogs team. The great thing about that was the queue of more young people who were lining up to join straight after Tom...that was just as important as the money.

Then it was onto the Iams stand where the company had offered facilities to host the fund raising...well done Iams. Flashguns popped as the celebs joined our intrepid twosome as the hour ticked away on the 'Blue Peter' type clock and tins, buckets and hats were held out by many Pat Dog volunteers. Some preparatory work had been done to get the money thermometer moving and pre donations came in from Our Dogs, Blackpool championship show, Coaches to Shows, The Missing Pets Bureau, Katie Boyle, the KC Press Office, Petplan, Shaws and ultimately Iams themselves who rounded up the total raised to finally make up the £5000 target.

The hour over, a big cheer went up when Maureen announced that the target had been achieved and after Tom and Robert posed for more photos with the now 'full' thermometer, Robert went to lie down in a dark room with a cup of strong tea. Watch out Robert, Tom is already planning something for the next Crufts!